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Send a tip to the US Coast Guard -- Report criminal activity that is NOT in progress. If activity is currently occurring dial 911 or the Fort Myers Beach Coast Guard Station at 239-463-5754.

Anyone witnessing an oil spill, chemical release or maritime security incident should call the National Response Center (NRC) hotline at 1-800-424-8802.

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Tips to keep your boat from being stolen

  • Never leave your ignition keys on the boat.
  • If your boat is on a lift, disconnect the power to the lift in your house rather than just the control switch at the dock.
  • Purchase SeaKey or SkyMate system that monitors the position of your boat. Should it be stolen, it can be quickly recovered by the authorities and get the bad guys in jail.
  • Be alert of the boat traffic in the canals. Criminals like to case the scene before doing the crime. Report unusual activity.
  • Install a hidden "kill switch" which disables the ignition. The bad guys won't get far if the engine will not start.
  • Never leave registration, title or document papers on the boat when it is NOT in use. With this information the bad guys can perform some magic turning your boat into theirs.
  • Mark your HIN (Hull Identification Number) in a hidden spot on your boat like on the back of drawer. Crooks like to modify the HIN and if it is another location could aid in the recovery.
  • Keep a couple of photographs of your boat together with serial numbers of the engines and electronic equipment at home. This information may aid in the recovery of the vessel.
  • Mark your electronic information with hidden identification such as etching or UV security ink pens.
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